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  • 50 million annual salary hiring sales manager

    50 million annual salary hiring sales managerDue to market development needs, need to recruit a loadometer sensor manager of a.job requirements:1, male, age: 26 to 45 years old2

  • Recruitment business elite

    Claim:1, high school or higher, professional limited; long-term travel or work in the office.Number of recruits: unlimited

  • Recruitment of electronic engineers

    development experience.1. Good treatment, the purchase of social security, to provide accommodation; Provide a platform and freedom to achieve personal development planning.Recruitment: 1 person

  • Recruitment CNC lathe

    Specific requirements:Can understand the drawings, independent
    programming operation CNC lathe (wide number of 980TD operating system),
    will be hand mill

  • Recruitment software engineers

    Specific requirements:Claim:1) Bachelor degree or above, software
    related professional, proficient in single-chip programming, familiar
    with ARM platform under the embedded development process