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Enterprise reputation

We rely on the Pearl River Delta region information fast, convenient transportation and other advantages, and continuously enhance the competitive advantage and product market share. I produced the resistance strain gauges, pressure sensors, weighing force sensors and portable dynamic wheel axle weighing systems and other products have been widely exported to Asian countries and Europe and the United States market, and achieved a certain market share. 

The company for many years by the local government awarded Shou contract re-credit with the title of outstanding enterprises, at the same time, was selected as the technical content of high-tech enterprises. We focus on new product development, the pursuit of independent knowledge innovation, more than 30 products to obtain design patents, including portable (wireless) axle weighing system won the national design and invention patents. We strive to expand the global market, we strictly production management, improve the quality of export products, and through the ISO 9001: 2008, OIML, CE, RoHS and many other international certification. 

(Part of the company honor certificate)