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The quality of the enterprise

We continue to improve the quality management, measurement management, enterprises in the establishment of quality assurance system and insurance system at the same time, in accordance with the R60-2000 international standards to JJG669-2003 verification procedures, a comprehensive organization of the enterprise product technology upgrade work. 

We strictly enforce the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, the leading product resistance strain gauges, sensor products have been the EU environmental protection (RoHS) certification, a variety of models of weighing force sensor obtained by the International Bureau of Law Bureau of the European Union (OIML) certification , Electronic products by the European Union (CE) certification, our company's sensor products, electronic scales and fixed dynamic truck scale have access to manufacturing measurement equipment permits. 

And constantly improve the quality of scientific management and product technology performance of the advanced nature. To ensure the integrity of product testing, testing equipment integrity, to achieve product acceptance rate of 100%. Efforts to achieve the qualified product rate of 98% or more, the product quality of more than 85% of international standards to ensure that products 100% factory pass rate.