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The sum of the business

Heaven and Earth, and we Bingzhe "committed to the international electrical technology project," the noble mission. Companies from the early days of the establishment, has been fighting the market, looking for business opportunities, to accept the challenges, the face of the crisis, do a good job every day. 

Today's Hualan Hai electric test has gradually grown, is to scale economy development. Hualanhai measured the growth of power from the national innovation system from the large platform; from the municipal government to support private technology enterprises and the Pearl River Delta region market economy maturity; from the new and old customers at home and abroad, the cooperation of businessmen and Scientific research institutions of the people and the people concerned about the wisdom of the technology and wisdom of the wisdom of the consistent love and care. It is because of the earnest concern of the experts and professors, with the trust and support of partners, only the achievements of our performance today, open a field of electrical measurement of the grand chapter. 

New century, new mission. Innovation and the characteristics of the knowledge economy, science and technology economy has begun to take shape, science and technology is the first element of productivity, but also the concept of scientific and technological development concept to deeply rooted. In the face of the future, we firmly believe that the new management model, leading the market products, improve the quality, quality after-sales service, to the electrical test industry higher and deeper development, Far higher and deeper areas and work together.