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Message from the Chairman

Dear old and new friends: 

In the human society for all kinds of information pursued by the high-tech era, electrical testing technology has been deep into various industries. In the twentieth century, the nineties of the twentieth century, Hualanhai electronic came into being. So far in the electric test technology on the road, Hualan Hai test has been dedicated to walk more than ten years, more than ten years of wind and rain, more than ten years of temper, Hualan Hai electronics from the growth to mature and continue to get new The results and results. 

Today's Hualan Hai electrical measurement is gradually growing, the growth of the Hualan sea to give us a more sacred, more noble mission. Hualan Haihai measured the growth of the national innovation system from the large platform; from the municipal government to support private technology enterprises and the Pearl River Delta region market economy mature; from new and old customers at home and abroad, the collaboration business, research institutions Of the people with disabilities and care about the power of the wisdom of the wisdom of the consistent love and care. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and thanks to all my colleagues. 

Facing the future we firmly believe that with advanced technology, to the electrical test industry higher and deeper development, for the Hualan Hai electronic sustainable development goals and work together, and to encourage each other. Thank you!