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Talent advantage

Hualan Hai electrical measurement, with an outstanding engaged in engineering and technology, product development team, and equipped with professional quality of high product sales and after-sales service team. Professional and technical personnel and new product development and production staff of excellent technology, knowledge innovation, experience, product technology performance in the domestic industry leader. At the same time, we are with the domestic professional institutions, scientific research institutions extensive cooperation, hire more than the field of experts in the field of electrical technical advice to promote the domestic electric measurement technology in a smooth and orderly and comprehensive development. 

We should pay attention to the development and cultivation of human resources, and gradually establish the open, fair and fair selection and appointment of personnel according to the requirements of establishing modern enterprise system and adapting to the needs of market economy. Mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, motivate employees to achieve self-worth. Cultivate unity, a harmonious corporate culture, encourage teamwork, play a team spirit, so that customers, businesses, employees form a community of interests. Successfully create a respect for knowledge, respect for talent, people-oriented cultural atmosphere.