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110E series of products received high-tech products in Guangdong Province certificate
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Guangdong Hualanhai Electric Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. on April 12
Guangdong Hualanhai Electric Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. on April 12, 2016 received the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Enterprise Association issued the "Guangdong Province High-tech product certificate", Product Name: Load cell 110E series, valid: three years. 

The product has a unique structure and special production process, with high precision, high stability and the advantages of fast response frequency, and easy installation, environmental adaptability, good compatibility and so on, is the current industrial scales, the production process Force control and ingredients systems and other industries the best choice. 

Because the submission of the application materials when the company officially changed its name not yet down, so the certificate on the company name is still: Dongguan City Hualan Hai Electronics Co., Ltd., but does not affect the use.


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