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Cash red envelopes "move" up there will be a surprise
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New and old customers: Hello everyone! Our company has always attached great importance to customer service work. Finally, I wish this event a success.
New and old customers: 

    Hello everyone! 

    April 20 - 20, 2020, the global weighing industry once a year festival - 2016 China International Weighing Exhibition in Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 8, Hall 9 held. With this celebration, in order to celebrate the Guangdong Hualan Haihai Measuring Technology Co., Ltd. changed its name, the company special and in this exhibition single customer to share the joy of direct extraction of cash red envelopes to celebrate the booming 2016. 

    Our company has always attached great importance to customer service work. For a long time we have friends and friends from all walks of life to establish a good customer relationship, in the rich business cooperation at the same time, but also pay more attention to the different needs of customers extended service. Hope that in the days to come, we can work with you new and old customers to a higher level, with the customer's contacts can be further harmonious. 

    We sincerely hope that through this event can strengthen the Hualan Hai electrical measurement with the old and new customers between the communication and exchanges, enhance mutual friendship, and the majority of friends to conclude a more closely, interactive and win-win alliance The At the same time, we also hope that this festival as a platform to promote common development and common progress. 

    Finally, I wish this event a success. 

    thank you all
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