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Warmly congratulate Guangdong Hualan Hai electric test was 2015 "new three board most growth potenti
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April 27 afternoon, the new three board value Forum and 2015 new three board value Billboard Awards ceremony held in the Pearl River Hotel Conference Center was held.

April 27 afternoon, the new three board value Forum and 2015 new three board value Billboard Awards ceremony held in the Pearl River Hotel Conference Center was held. Director of the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for the creation of the company, deputy director of Fu Jiyang and other relevant leaders and representatives of the new three board enterprises, the new three board authority service agencies, the mainstream media more than 600 people attended the event. Hosted by well-known financial host Li Bo. 

"2015 new three board value list" sponsored by the Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, in Guangzhou City Science and Technology Innovation Committee, the Communist Youth League under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, by the Guangzhou Daily Chamber of Commerce jointly Guangzhou Science and Technology Enterprise New Third Board Development Association and Guangzhou Youth Entrepreneurs Association co-host, effort to build the new three board the most authoritative list. 
The Billboard is designed to tap the most representative of the new three board outstanding enterprises, to play the mainstream media advantages, so that more outstanding enterprises to understand the new three boards, and with the new three boards and capital markets effective docking, nurture more new three board technology innovation enterprise , Boosting enterprises to a higher level. 
The selection of the financial services, first-line investment bankers, accountants, lawyers, brokers and other areas of combat experts in the field of jury, after 8 months of strict examination, review and final review, from the enterprise product services, innovation, growth and financial performance A dimension of the registration of more than 100 enterprises to score a comprehensive, and ultimately selected Odewei, a rice technology, Huateng education, Kemi Auto, Kay Lu Shi, Sheng Cheng network, cloud macro information, High balance, Xuanyuan network, Ming Shi education and other 32 award-winning enterprises. 

☆ explore the new three board potential enterprises ☆ 
☆ revaluation of the business value of the enterprise 
☆ realize the capital value of the enterprise 

Guangdong Hualan Haier test won the "new three board most growth potential enterprises": 

Guangdong Yong Sing Animation Co., Ltd. 

Guangzhou 赛 Laila stem cell technology co., Ltd. 

Guangdong Zhigong Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

Hao Lan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong Hongchuan wisdom Logistics Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong United States Bell Technology Group Co., Ltd. 

Guangzhou Fu Ma Jia Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.; 

Guangzhou Jinpeng source Kang Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong Qingming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong Hualan Hai Electric Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong three UNITA Technology Co., Ltd., 

By the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee Deputy Director Fu Jiyang, Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, deputy secretary of the party committee, Guangzhou Media Holdings Limited, general manager of Guangdong Media Vice Chairman Xiao Weizhong, award-winning enterprises for the award.


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