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The Development and Innovation of Design and Manufacture Model of Weighing Sensor
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China Institute of Launch Vehicle Technology Institute 702 Liu Jiuqing Abstract: The core of "Industrial 4.0" is the digitalization and intelligence of manufacturing industry.
China Institute of Launch Vehicle Technology Institute 702 Liu Jiuqing 
Abstract: The core of "Industrial 4.0" is the digitalization and intelligence of manufacturing industry. The essence of "Made in China 2025" is the deep integration of industrialization and informationization. With "innovation-driven, structural optimization, quality first, green development" as manufacturing Development guidelines. This paper discusses how to integrate the information technology and manufacturing technology to realize the design and manufacture of digital, network and intelligent, and discuss the innovation of the design mode of the load cell; the innovation of the manufacturing process mode; the key manufacturing process to promote the automation and intelligence This paper introduces the basic approach of 3D digital design and manufacturing, and makes the reference for the digital and intelligent manufacturing for the weighing and weighing enterprises. 
【Key words】 load cell; design and manufacturing model; digital; network; intelligent; three-dimensional digital design and manufacturing 

I. Overview 
In the "industrial 4.0" a new round of industrial revolution comes, China seize the opportunity to put forward the "Made in China 2025" strategy, will give China's manufacturing industry into a strong driving force for development, but also to the sensor industry to bring unlimited business opportunities. "China made 2025" core driving force is to grasp the intelligent manufacturing, it is to solve the Chinese manufacturing industry by the great power of the fundamental path. "Made in China 2025" is an upgraded version of the Chinese manufacturing, embodies: four major changes, a main line and eight countermeasures. 
Four changes: from factor-driven to innovation-driven change; from low-cost competitive advantage to the quality and efficiency of competitive advantage change; from resource consumption, pollutant emissions and extensive manufacturing to green manufacturing changes; from manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing change The 
A main line: to reflect the depth of information technology and manufacturing technology integration of digital, network, intelligent manufacturing as the main line. 
Improve the quality of the product; promote the green manufacturing; cultivate the global competitiveness of the enterprise groups and competitive industries; the development of the development of the enterprise, the development of the industry, Modern manufacturing service industry. 
How to implement the "China-made 2025" development strategy, how to integrate information technology and manufacturing technology to achieve digital, network, intelligent design and manufacturing, is the industry's larger enterprises must face the subject. In recent years, three-dimensional digital design and manufacturing capacity has become the core of competition at home and abroad, is to achieve the development of enterprise development capability of the fulcrum and breakthrough, this has a wind vane changes in the nature of the sensor should pay attention to enterprises. Although the principle and manufacturing process of the strain gauge sensor determines that it can not be mass-produced as an automated, intelligent, seamlessly connected production line, it should also use the Internet to upgrade the structural design and manufacturing process of the load cell. Its as close as possible to digital, intelligent or part of the digital, intelligent production. The Internet is common and basic, weighing sensor business management must use information technology and Internet thinking to look at enterprises, recycling enterprises. Analysis of the main elements of the enterprise, one is a person, one thing, the transformation of the enterprise is nothing more than the transformation and transformation of people. Weighing sensor structure design and manufacturing process of digital, intelligent transformation, from the people and things began, that is, from the design concept and manufacturing process began to achieve structural design and manufacturing process model innovation. 
Second, the load cell structure design model innovation 
China's strain gauge sensor enterprises are currently using two design methods, one is the traditional design method, is the classical calculation method + experience, semi-theoretical, semi-empirical design, can not achieve the best design, the impact of the elastic components of the border, Support stiffness and stress concentration is difficult to make an analysis for some medium and small enterprises used. The second is the modern design method, which is an extension of the traditional design theory, a variety of design techniques, theory and methods of integration, that is, the establishment of mathematical models, the use of finite element method for calculation and analysis. Its characteristics are: the design means accurate, computerized, but still need to mold, physical testing and testing, for large enterprises generally adopted. 
For a long time, domestic and foreign weighing sensor companies are exploring a scientific and reasonable, cost-effective product design and manufacturing methods to support product design, manufacturing, testing, application and other life cycle of the various stages of data definition and transmission. The emergence of MBD (Modal Based Dtfinition) technology provides an effective way to solve this problem. Model definition technology is the product of all related design definitions, process description, attributes and management information are attached to the product of the three-dimensional model of the digital definition of the method for the three-dimensional digital design and manufacturing provides a theoretical basis. 
In the international market leader in the status of the load cell manufacturing enterprises, as early as a few years ago began to structural design model innovation, based on the model definition technology to achieve a three-dimensional digital design and manufacturing. Its characteristics are: to change the original design of the load cell, from the design tool to start, the establishment of independent intellectual property rights with three-dimensional digital sample rapid design platform. Including the rapid design and calculation of the overall structure of the elastic element, the influence of the boundary conditions of the load and the load, and the analysis and design subsystem of the pressure head and the installation platform. The three-dimensional digital sample of the overall structure of the load cell was established, and the digital mold was used instead of the solid mold to realize the "early meeting" of the overall structure and the annex, and the problem of uncoordinatedness was found and solved. From the theoretical analysis and calculation, the overall structure and accessories design, to ensure that the load sensor performance fluctuations. 
Third, the weighing sensor manufacturing process innovation 
1. Production model innovation 
Breaking the traditional weighing sensor manufacturing methods, the implementation of manufacturing processes and flexible components and accessories wholesale production line innovation. Change the original drawing distribution model, based on the electronic distribution process, from design to manufacture three-dimensional model directly to the production line. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional drawings distribution, that is to improve the work efficiency, but also shorten the process preparation cycle. As a result of the comprehensive use of structured, three-dimensional visual means, is conducive to the realization of three-dimensional process design and testing to ensure that the elastic components with high size, shape and accuracy and product uniformity. 
2. Key manufacturing processes to promote automation, intelligent transformation 
Strain load cell production process is to support the technology, basic technology, core technology and special technology of scientific use and integration. The core manufacturing process in the load cell throughout the production process play a key role, highlighting the performance of the resistance strain gauge paste, curing and post-curing; zero temperature and sensitivity of temperature compensation; performance testing and verification process. Although the principle of strain gauge load and manufacturing process determines the process of its production line is difficult to seamlessly connect between the Internet thinking gradually penetrate into the various companies today, the load cell manufacturing process must also be revolutionary innovation, Otherwise there is a risk of out of the wave. In the international market leader in the status of the load cell manufacturing enterprises experience is: the key manufacturing processes to promote automation, intelligent transformation, first of all, the impact of heavy mass sensor quality manufacturing process automation, intelligent. 
Resistance strain gauge paste process - resistance strain gauges in the elastic components on the paste quality and positioning error, the accuracy and stability of the weighing sensor is essential, so the core technology to use the robot positioning, brush, paste resistance strain And equipped with automatic installation of the fixture auxiliary system to ensure that the resistance strain gauge in the elastic element strain area of the paste quality and positioning size uniformity. 
Curing and post-curing process - is in the specified temperature, a certain period of time the strained adhesive itself, and with the surface of the elastic component of the adhesion and the strong combination of the process. The three elements of the curing process are curing temperature, heating rate, holding time. The bond strength increases with the curing temperature, but to prevent the curing temperature is too high or too low, so as to avoid over-curing: the adhesive layer becomes brittle, bond strength decreases, fatigue life decreased; undercracking: Molecular bond polymerization is not strong, there creep effect, creep. For this resistance strain gauge curing and post-curing more use of tunneling automation, intelligent heating temperature control bake Road. Tunneling temperature control boring Road, high temperature control accuracy, work temperature uniformity, curing, curing after the completion of the strain after the physical and mechanical properties of the adhesive uniformity, in order to improve the reliability of the load cell and long-term stability To lay a solid foundation. 
Zero temperature and sensitivity temperature compensation process - is to ensure that the load cell with excellent temperature performance indicators of the key manufacturing processes, the use of high efficiency intelligent zero temperature and sensitivity temperature compensation test system. The system hardware consists of interface unit, large high and low temperature test box and the wiring unit within the box, high stability excitation power, data acquisition unit, computer system, printer, and a strong load cell zero and sensitivity temperature compensation software. Automatic temperature control of large high and low temperature control box temperature accuracy, good temperature uniformity. In the case of multiple types of load cells, different system numbers can be set for archiving and data querying. 
Performance testing and verification process - a large range of load cell performance testing and verification, in the seamless connection of the automation, intelligent control of the multi-stack force standard machine on the automatic printing test data, automatic identification is qualified, and Shuffle unqualified products. The performance test and verification of the smaller scale load cell are carried out in the group controlled static power standard machine system. Generally, 50kg, 500kg and 2000kg group controlled static power standard system are set up in the production line. It consists of multiple static power standard machine, high and low temperature test chamber and control system, with tensile, compression two-way loading function. The control system according to the program on the weight and the moving beam through the photoelectric sensor position control, by the PLC programmable controller and computer through the software to complete the entire control program to achieve a single static power of the standard machine alone and multiple static weight The standard machine is controlled at the same time. Because this group of static control force standard machine with the activities of the beam, all the weight will be hung up, through the moving beam can be a one-time rapid loading or unloading to meet the rapid three preload test and creep test loading requirements, The detection efficiency. 
Then, each with independent operation and control functions of the automation, intelligent processes, through the network and computer systems connected to each other in the network software management, to achieve the collection of information, storage and processing. 
(Such as resistance strain gauge curing, post-curing temperature control situation; zero temperature, sensitivity, temperature compensation success rate; performance test), such as real-time display of the process of production status, quality status, process status And the test pass rate, etc.) in order to product quality and process operation to control and management. 
Fourth, the formation of digital weighing sensor technology system and the basic process support system 
Strain-type load cell design and manufacture of digital technology system to form the standard is: 
1. Unified product development process 
In the strain gauge sensor structure and process design, it is necessary to absorb the best practice process design at home and abroad, but also must have the characteristics of the company. 
2. Uniform standard specification 
The establishment of the company weighing sensor digital development standards, covering design, manufacturing, technology, testing platform construction and so on. 
3. Unified basic process 
Weighing sensor elastic components using different stresses, different structures, the basic manufacturing process is basically the same. It is necessary to develop a common, scientific and reasonable, repeatable production process. 
4. A unified base database 
The establishment of resistance strain gauge library, standard parts library, raw material library, component library, general product library and other basic database, hiring the actual data. 
5. Unified version of the software tools 
Three-dimensional design all use the company's unified design tools to enhance design efficiency. But need to be resolved: 
(1) product three-dimensional labeling method; 
(2) two-dimensional pattern information to the three-dimensional model information conversion technology; 
(3) to establish an effective modeling and labeling methods, so that three-dimensional digital samples into product design, manufacturing basis. 
Fifth, quality management model innovation 
Change the design and manufacture of the original weighing sensor design and quality management methods, the establishment of digital design and manufacturing in line with the rules and regulations to three-dimensional digital samples and products as the core, the design, technology, testing integration, through the practice as soon as possible to form a Quality Management Ideas and Methods in Series Digital Design and Manufacturing. Through the digitization of the development of the outline, a clear load sensor overall development requirements; through the digital standard system, clear specific digital work requirements; through digital design of the sample acceptance conditions, the requirements of the sample is equivalent to formal product requirements into the quality management system ; Through the three-dimensional digital design and technology platform and automation, intelligent production process of network management, control of mass production of product quality. 
Six, concluding remarks 
Weighing sensor three-dimensional digital design and manufacturing model of the establishment process is the business leaders and technical personnel unified thinking, change the concept of the process is to change and innovation, breaking the old work habits, the establishment of a new work order process. For China's larger load cell enterprises, this process is the leading factor in the leading role of leadership and technology leader. During this period will inevitably experience the concept of the collision, the habit of running, never understand the understanding, never agree to identity, from some mature to skilled application. I hope that China's large-scale load cell enterprises to "can use the force, the invincible in the world; can use the wisdom, then fearless sage" concept, the wisdom of the team and the power of the production line of the main process from automation to upgrade to intelligence As soon as possible to achieve the three-dimensional digital sensor design and manufacturing. 

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Author: Liu Jiuqing (1937 -), male, Han nationality, Liaoning Province Haicheng people. China Institute of Launch Vehicle Technology Institute of the seventh and second research institute researcher, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council experts. China is now the Association of Weighing Technology Consultants, Weighing Technical Committee of Experts Advisory, "Weighing" magazine editorial board. Edited by "resistance strain gauge load cell", "national vocational qualification training course - weighing sensor assembly commissioner", in the magazine published a total of more than 110 academic papers. 

Reprinted from China Weighing Net

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